Intranet and Extranet

We can help your company implement a dynamic corporate intranet that can enhance your communication efforts, increase collaboration between employees and make timely information accessible across the entire corporation. More and more companies are realizing the benefits and savings of implementing an intranet. Intranets - internal Web networks which are accessible only by employees - to distribute company news, update personnel records and connect far-flung workers. Intranets run on the standard Internet protocols and technologies (TCP/IP, HTTP, and HTML) that are used for the World Wide Web. This allows companies to use the same types of servers and browsers, that they are currently using to access the WWW, for internal applications and distributed information over their existing LAN. The same technology is used internally and externally. This can translate into thousands of dollars of savings by using existing Web technology and inexpensive - or free - browser software. And because intranets are essentially just internal, non-public Web sites, most employees are already familiar with the Web's interface and there is little or no learning curve.