CMS Solution

Content Management system enables your entire enterprise to create, capture, customize, manage and share important information. We help you manage business processes and content in any format, including scanned images, electronic documents, legacy data, audio or video.
You know how important the content is to company's website. Whether you have Internet, Intranet or Extranet sites,content drives your website. Everything from a newspaper article, to an e-mail promotion,to an e-commerce transaction is driven by content.The size and complexity of websites is growing every day.To keep up with the content and to overcome this challenge, the organization needs a robust and elegant content management system that enables you to create, edit and publish your information.
Our solution will simplify content management and turns website into a more powerful communication tool.
The client can perform sophisticated updates and ongoing site maintenance using easy-to-use "back-end" website management tools without having to become an expert in HTML.

Content Management can be further categorised as under:

Document Processing:
Capturing and conversion of data from paper or electronic media into a digital format. This enables you to gain control and access to important information while enjoying flexible processing and reduced paperwork.

Enterprise Content Management:
Provides access, storing, managing and distribution of print output in a consistent, electronic environment. Print output best suited for enterprise content management includes statements, invoices, purchase orders, periodic administrative and financial reports, and engineering and enterprise documentation.

Technical Documentation:
We assist in the creation, management and delivery of service readiness documentation such as owner's manuals, service manuals or parts catalogs. we will define, design, create, produce, manage and distribute technical documentation in any media, from CD-ROM and Web delivery to traditional printed manuals.Whatever your content management requirements, we manages the necessary people, processes and technology so you can focus on your core business.