About Us
Sankalpana, was established in September 2002 formed by a group of innovative and focused group of professionals in Pune India.\r\n\r\nWe provide Web design, Web and Database programming, Software Development, Firewalls, DNS, Mail Servers on various Linux flavors. and other value added software services to software development companies.
Latest Work

Currrently we are working on android based applications which consumes the web service data provided by our framework O2FB for further processing. Currently implementing our Project Management process onto internet + smart phone application, thus providing the project tracking via PC as well as android based smart Its a internal assignment for realizing / exploring the potential of complementing webservice applications as a server and smart phone as one of the client extending legacy web application to serve the smart devices like android based smart phone.

Sankalpana understands the customer's needs and concepts very well. The first draft template which I received from them covered all my points and looked very professional....

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