custom development

Custom Development

For clients who need solutions beyond what an "out of the box" software application can provide,Web Solutions has the ability to create custom web-based software applications that can:Automate your processes and collect information through a single application for accuracy and reporting Integrate our tools seamlessly with other online applications and / or legacy databases
Assure ease of use with a minimum of training for users of all ability levels through intuitive interface design

We are a keen to work on requirements which invloves tasks like understanding the concept behind a product or application. Suggest an architecture for it [mostly open source s/w :)], build the designed product , maintain the application so that its logical conclusion be achieved.

The most interesting phase of the customise development is to take a review after Design phase. ReviewProcess plays key role in success of realizing the concept into web application  or product.

Following are few cases where we can be your partner in developing the customize solution

Case I :  requirement says
"Build an internet application which will be used by our marketing team to manage presales activity of our organization"

Trival solution will be compaire the raidily available CRM s/w, select better one which is suitable for existing presales process. the either modify them or twick existing process those will suit the s/w. so you get a better control over presale process.

A case may be you have already tried a solution to your problem but results are not up to your desire

Alternative Path is to develop a customise application which will cover all your requirement and will be easy to use for existing resources, it should be based on practices followed in your organization and most importantly it should give you the result you want from installed product with minimal implementation, training and maintainence cost.
We will help you from gathering the requirement process them to suggest a solution , build it and maintain it for you.

Case II : requirement says
"We have our web application running, which is developed using open source s/w like php, python etc. its a tailormade and we want to add some new features to it and maintain it"

We are better equiped team of developers who can dig into existing source code, try to digest its flavour and develop the additional module keeping aliance with previous thought process embeded in the tailormade product development.

Case III : requirement says
"Build information sharing website for various offices and distributors , we have some previous data stored and managed by each office individually, sort that data and share it"

It looks a routine requirement from organization which works across region and have to share information.
Though looks simple it need to be carefully design a system so that data from each office will be sorted , data should maintain its uniqueness, it should be served across offices, it should be easy to backed up and restore. Another underlined requirement often will be this sorted data should be use this data into various lagecy softwares as well as third party softwares.

Above such things comes under Customize Software Development, where software development company need to not only to understand the user requirements as they are but also try to digest underlining outcome from requirement  for future use and suggest archicture / system to a problem

Case IV : requirement says
"We are running our web application,its been developed by previous vendor using PHP and MySQL, We want to integrate Google MAPs APIs in our application."

In our perception we are the right kind of developers who are better equiped to deal with such problem.
We will dig into your existing application code, identify where we need to modify so that Goole MAPs API can be integrated with existing appplication. We try to maintain the similar coding style to that of existing application so that it can be easy to maintain.