what is FAMP

FAMP referes to

F => FreeBSD [Operating System]
A => Apache HTTP Server [Web Server]
M => MySQL   [Database]
P => PHP     [Server Site Scripting Language]

These are core component for building a general purpose internet application / web site.

To have a web site you need

Operating System : to manage the Hardware
Web Server : to serve the request coming to it using HTTP [Hyper Text Transfer Protiocol]
Database : To store and serve the data required for any internet application
Scripting : There are 2 parts
  1. Server Side Scripting [to implement the business idea into programm thus an Internet Application]
  2. Client Side Scripting [interpreted by browser]

One of the famous acronym is LAMP where L referes to Linux as the opreating system changes to Linux from FreeBSD, one can use other operating systems

Variants can be

Operating System : FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows etc...
Web Server : Apache, lighttpd, cherokee, Nginx, IIS etc...
Database : MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MangoDB
Server Side Scripting : PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby

By having the combination from above options one can provide a varity of business solutions.


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